Installation Instructions For Bridon American Dyform 34LR

As with all types of ropes, it is important that care is taken so that these High Performance crane ropes are not damaged during Handling and Installation.

Make sure that the rope recieved is properly identified, certified and the correct rope for the application.

The reel must not be dropped and when lifted it should be lifted on the flanges of the reel.  The forks of the fork lift should not contact the rope. ...more>


Bridon American has launched a new Internet-based crane wire rope selector called the TWISTOMETER. This service is currently being offered to Bridon American preferred distributors as part of their Distributor Support Program.

BAC Brochure

Quick Reference Guide to Crane Ropes

Used Rope Advisory

We have recently noticed in trade publications, that there have been advertisements for used wire rope for sale.  Please be aware that it is the position of the Wire Rope Technical Board, supported by Bridon American and stated in the Wire Rope Users Manual that "When a wire rope has been removed from service becasue it is no longer suitable for use, IT MUST NOT BE RE-USED ON ANOTHER APPLICATION."

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