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All calculations are approximate and provide a guide for selection only and in no way represent a guarantee on product performance.
Bridon-Bekaert recommends that a cabling factor of 2:1 against cabling be used when making a product selection as installation‚ crane design and other factors can effect torque and turn characteristics of individual ropes e.g. critical height of 500 feet should be reduced to 250 feet. The Twistometer defaults to include this cabling factor within the calculations (i.e 250 feet as shown above), but by pressing the Exclude Cabling Factor check box the program will show the original calculations (i.e. 500 feet as shown above).
The Bridon-Bekaert Twistometer will only work on single rope regular reeving arrangements (the Twistometer does not accommodate cross reeving arrangements).
Cabling predictions are based on the Bridon-Bekaert Endurance product range and as such work on Bridon-Bekaert's specific data for individual products. These will not work for equivalent products from another manufacturer.
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